Health. You Are What You Eat. Exactly ….?

“Father? I am loosing faith in You. Things are as bleak as ever for Ahmad and myself. You know it. Please my Father? Show me a sign of Your evident favor to us least we fail You!”

O The Mighty Father Creator’s Faithfulness? He Shows Me His Evident Favor ….?

I slept soundly for about 3 hrs. Woke up just past midnight. Hungry. Fixed me a cup of coffee. Fixed me some eats. Come to the computer. Checked emails?

Nothing! Absolutely Nothing Of Eternal Value.

Buy! Sell! Dream Life! Better World! Success! You can do it! I love God! I love Jesus! Be saved! Be this! Be that! BE HAPPY!!!

Disgusted! Still feeling gloomy, I turned to the journal to record whatever! Began to write not knowing what was I to write about, but! With much ease I began to write.

It’s been since Sunday I wrote the title for this post, Health. You Are What You Eat. Exactly ….? At that moment last Sunday? My mind was set on Ngobesing’s words about the Vincent Peale Positive Thinking famous book. He states in his profile:

“I Ate That Book!”

Wow! I read those words a few months ago, but! I have not been able to forget them because, as I read those words? My heart constricted with pain and compassion for my beloved brother, but! No Worries.

Father Is In Control Of All Our Doings. So? I Been Hearing,

“He ate that book, but you ate My Scroll. Remember when I called you way back in 1987?”

Ezekiel 2:6-8

“Son of dust, don’t be afraid of them; don’t be frightened even though their threats are sharp and barbed and sting like scorpions. Don’t be dismayed by their dark scowls. For remember, they are rebels!

You must give them my messages whether they listen or not (but they won’t, for they are utter rebels).

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