Health. You Are What You Eat. Exactly ….?

Ah! I left out one thing, after the old lady hugged the young woman? I walked towards the entrance of where the people came from thinking it was a ship, but! I say, “It’s a tour bus and I began to step in with much ease and then I woke up.

All that happened around a couple hours ago. It’s now 8:29 am and? I still feel my heart pumping, why?

Why My Heart Pumps In Awesome Fear ….?

Simple, more than for the meaning of my dream is, but! For the way my Father communicates with me! My heart is pumping as I realize WHO in fact speaks to me in these crucial moments I must pass through.

Father talks to me all the time as my Father to His little child, but! This time more than ever before? His voice resounded within and without me like the time He spoke to all in the Mountain.

Exodus 19:16  On the morning of the third day there was a terrific thunder and lightning storm, and a huge cloud came down upon the mountain, and there was a long, loud blast as from a ram’s horn; and all the people trembled.

Likewise, I trembled when I woke up and? I was still trembling as I found out the meaning of the dream,

What does it mean to dream of killing a snake with bare hands? If you killed a snake with your bare hands in your dreams, it represents the strength within – that you didn’t even know existed. You will finally stand up for yourself, and for what you believe, even if it means standing alone. This dream can imply dealing with other people’s bullshit and you’re taking the control over your life again. You do not wish to live by society rules and you’re ready to move forward in life. Dreaming of killing a snake with bare hands also represents danger. You will have to be more careful in life. Someone who’s jealous of your progress will try to harm you in the most unexpected way. However, you shouldn’t give up. Tell the truth, even if it hurts people. It’s better than a deadly experience.

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