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Things Look Bleak ….?

Friday, June 8, 2018 at 12:45 pm.

Father? You know I been working on graphics all this time. Perhaps now is time to post again? Things still look bleak, my Father.

Religion; religious leaders; the great multitude still enchanted in the beautiful side of evil; the success obsession; the ones with too much; the ones with nothing.

Wealth and fame. Success. Poverty and lack; sickness; mad competition in all issues of life; the super struggle to be #1; the arrogance; the ignorance; the staunch beliefs in nothing else but concepts of one thing or the other.

Truth is trampled down on the streets, and?

I can’t even get excited about it all anymore. I said one word, the hearers don’t have a clue of the meaning of my words.

I want to shut up, but! I talk, talk, talk, and, for what? Just to empty myself of all the good stuff that I should keep to my heart?

Enough bickering. I need to sleep but I also need to finish with the graphic. I wait on You.

Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 12:04 am.

Analyze? The trend of the human being ….?

Father? It’s midnight, and? I find myself fuming with disgust at the stupidity of mankind. But! Of course, should I give the details of my disgust? O man! I’m sure, the whole thing gets analyzed.

Conclusions are made. Opinions. Discussions. Debates. Articles are written. The amateur. The scholars. The great thinkers. The philosophers? Ahh! Behold! Bow down. He is a DOCTOR!

How dumb! And of dumbs? I am chief, least I used to be. For now? I’m just disgusted with the arrogance and stupidity of a human being.

Even so, if you are reading this far? I’m sure you understand my disgust. It’s most frustrating to read articles from well-meaning leaders of the flock stating things totally opposite to the core of the written words. Quote:

The notion we can be friends to Christ but strangers to his church is completely foreign to scripture. The call to community is a call to familiarity. If we are to love and serve others, we need to know them. In fact, ignorance is a kind of limiter or governor on our love.

That statement is totally not true. (Matthew 23:8-10. 1 Corinthians 3. Galatians 3. 2 Peter 3:15-18. 2 Timothy 3. Revelation 2 and 3.) O but it irks me how the leaders will find a myriad of Scriptures to contradict the facts in them!

What’s wrong with me?  Analyzing….?

O my Father! What am I doing? Am I not automatically analyzing this article? What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel so disgusted and frustrated as I am feeling now?

Talk to me my Father ….?

Have I set my gaze away from You? Am I giving myself airs as of a whatever wise being I could pretend to be?

Indeed!  O thiaBasilia—O Child of My Heart? Your gaze is set on the same disgust and frustration as it was for My Son when He walked among mankind.

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