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Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, July 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm.

I Feel Anger And Disgust, But Then? Read On ….?

Father? You know I been working on this post since last Wednesday, but! I just can bring myself to post it. Why? I pause. I reflect.

All things I see. All things I hear. All things I read. The responses. The reactions to me and to all? Just zap so much out of me! I feel anger and disgust, but then?

I reflect on my own doings. Hum! That causes me even more anger and disgust! Why? Simple. I am human no different than other humans, yet?

One Moment I Am Certain, Next Moment? Who Knows?

O my Father! What’s going on with me? Why one moment I am certain, next moment? Who knows? Ah! You do! Yes! My Father, You do know every minute detail of my being and my doings.

All the things that I wonder about myself? You know it. You know of the things that deeply trouble me. You know of my deepest longings.

Better yet! You are now showing Your covenant and revealing to me its deep, inner meaning. Yeah, You know. You know the wicked human that I am.

No matter. That wicked human is no longer my master. That wicked human must remain with me, but! I can freely laugh and mock its attempts to take control of me.

It’ll never happen! I have now the power to reject those attempts with the same power in Yahushua’s words to Peter’s wicked human being within Peter in Matthew 16:21-23.

Phew! What A Relief! Sometimes? I Feel Like I Will Never Laugh Again, But!

My Father speaks! Words from my Father. Quote:

“Get behind Me, Satan!” Is the magic word to reject all your thoughts and feelings of doubt and fear causing me so much pain and suffering!

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