Wow! Thirty-three Years? A Writer For The Honor Of His Majesty ….?

For the most such ideas and concepts leave me livid with rage. So? Why do I go to Google?

Google Holds My Past And My Present ….?

My Father quickens me to go to Google because Google holds the knowledge of good and evil. The good of my present. The evil of my past.

The ideas and concepts that leave me livid with rage are the same ideas and concepts of my past, but!

Father Leads Me All The Way ….?

He leads me to the good in Google under His watchful eye on my interpretation of either the good or the evil. So?

He shows me why such ideas and concepts leave me livid with rage. He shows me the multitude of followers of such ideas and concepts, then?

He Reminds Me Of His Faithfulness To Pluck Me Out Of That Multitude.

His faithfulness to transform me from a follower of man to a follower of Yahushua the Messiah—the One sent to lead us to eternal life.

WOW! That 1985 was the beginning of such transformation. The year of 2017? Beginning of new life. This year of 2018?

Time To Impact The World With His Work Within My Being ….?

His work altogether above all my efforts to do His work as the multitude are intent in doing now. Amazing!

Thirty-three years. The same time believed it took to impact the world with Yahushua’s obedience to the Father.

Content for the following posts. Meantime and until the next post? Much love in my heart for you dear Reader and for all. Your sister, thia.



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