What’s With Building An Email List? Why I Have Not Done So ….?

What’s With Building An Email List? Why I Have Not Done So ….?

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Advice From The Higher Echelon Of Marketeers’ Writers ….?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 4:56 pm.

Building an email list is the number one advice from many successful marketeers’ writers. Even so?

I have tried to follow such advice to my detriment. Why? I was following an advice that does not fit in the content and purpose that I write about.

It has taken three years of fumbling the ball from one system to another. Tried one course. Cancel. Tried another. Same frustration—no results.

Finally? All Things Are Coming Together For Me Like Magic. How Is That Happening?

Ha! At last! The power to sit still—the power to wait on my Heavenly Father/Creator of my being came to me. This time?

It’s No Turning Back Forever!

No more try this, try that. No more temptation to follow this technique or that one. No more routines. No more rituals. No more to do list. No more goal settings. No more pay for courses to learn how to succeed! No more boxes of any kind!

I’m Free At Last! Free? Ha! For The Looks Of It ….?

It looks like my freedom is not appealing to anyone yet. Why? Well? And I will confess this with laughter in my heart.

I am a multi-millionaire without two coins to rub together.

We live in a materialistic insanity ridden world. No coins to rub together?

No getting to rub shoulders with the rest of millionaires or millionaires to be in the world.

It seems to me, the whole world is super intent in the coin getting endeavor, nay!

Not after coins unless they be, Gold Coins! Hahaha! …?

Well? Coming back to the mailing list. To be frank? The mail list purpose is for the marketing of goods—to entice anyone to buy a product.

Me? Honest To Goodness? I Am No Longer Trying To Sell My Books Or Anything At All.

I have nothing to sell, so? Why should I be concerned with building an email list?

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