What’s with this graphic ….?

It Conveys Your Entire Testimony ….?

Everyday You Open-Up My Mind To Understand Your Being ….?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 12:03 am.

Midnight, my Father! And You still with me. O the wonders of Your Being.

Dumbfound is the word to describe my reaction to the daily effects of Your work within my being.

You are my Father. You take care of me better than any human father could ever aspire to do.

O the wonders of Your Being. To think that You know me better than I know myself? Beyond my wildest imaginations!

You are now teaching me all I need to know about my body. The number one thing You have done is to take away my cravings.

But How Do You Teach Me? By Letting Me Do And Fail ….?

But how do You teach me? By letting me do and fail at what I think is best to do.

Fully Appreciate The Human Failure To Turn This World Around ….?

Wow! What a revelation! Simple. In retrospect? I fully understand my failures. Better yet, I fully appreciate such failures.

Even better? I fully appreciate the human failure to turn this world around despite all the human claims to do so, but!

It’s The Creator’s Plan To Raise His Perfect Family ….?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 6:16 am. It’s all included in Your plan to raise the perfect loving family You aim for us to be.

Been sleeping for a couple hours. Been optimizing the graphic. Why is that graphic so important, my Father?

My Father’s Response ….?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 now at 2:23 pm.

The Core Of This World’s Insanity ….?

“My child, one frame conveys it all. Dysfunction in this world’s families is the core of its insanity. Even so?

This matter has become just one of the many rabbit’s tails in the human’s search for solutions.


  1. What a wonderful way of expressing our Heavenly Fathers love for us. He is truly magnificent.

  2. Indeed! He’s aiming for restoring His perfect cherished family He created us to be. So far removed from the kind of emotional love that we all know. Amazing!

  3. What an inspiring post, Thia! A good read on a Sunday. Thank you, my friend.

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