What’s Happening? Are You Still Into These Posts Or What …?

Why the question? Hardly anyone acknowledged the last posts. I wonder …?

You Plant The Seed, But! No Need For You To Go Dig To See If It Is Growing ….?

From The Dining Room in My Soul …

Thursday, 11 October 2018 at 4:04 am.

Laughter! The Picture Of My Digging …?

Hahaha! HalleluYah! In sharing the gist of this post with my friend? Her forever admonishing to this wacky me came to surface.

Her admonishing used to angry me, but this time? Laughter instead of anger! Wow! What an appropriate remark. My reaction?

Proof Or Confirmation Of My Transformation …?

Truly? What was to happen in my life is really, really happening in a way beyond my imaginings of what was to happen.

Peace. Joy Inexplicable …?

Totally beyond my conception of such matter been until this present moment. Talking about peace that surpasses human understanding. Joy inexplicable full of His esteem and honour? Wow!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 at 4:36 pm.


After Ahmad’s visit this morning? My mind spun with all kinds of ideas on what is to be done in the apartment. Not only that, but! On ideas on how to get the needed monies.

I thought about how it’s all turning out to start all over again with the repairs for this apartment and no money for such repairs. Ashamed to ask my family for help but at the same time willing to do it. Suddenly!

I Bow Down To My Father.

O my Father! How quickly I can fall into the trap set by the enemy of my soul—my own carnal thinking and feelings. Help me, my Father. I refuse to act as per what I been thinking.

I’ll Be Still And Let Be Of It All On You …?

You know better what is it that I need. I don’t need to go against Your instructions. You say not to ask for money. You are my Provider.

All Power Belongs To You, And…?

And unless You give that power to anyone to act and live as per Your will? We have no power to act and live as per Your will.


  1. Blow me away! How long have I waited? ALL THINGS COME FROM HIM ALONE! My precious Brother! Fixing to post the killer post of posts. WOW!
    “Completion and Manifestation of My promised abundance to you. all …”
    Hope you be inclined to read.

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