What’s Happening? Are You Still Into These Posts Or What …?

That’s what it means to read that unless You do the work we laborers work in vain. I never fully understood that Scripture until now.

All my life I have tried and tried to be still and let be to no avail. Now? Like magic! I am letting be and being still, but!

Not in the way that it thought to do such.

No. it’s all happening like I never thought it to be before. Nothing to be like the human mind conceive things to be. Your ways and thoughts? Beyond the human mind conception.

Phew! What A Relief! …?

No need to recriminate Ahmad for my predicament. I am the guilty one. Thanks, my Father for delivering me from my own carnal nature.

Your Nature Now Prevails Within Me ….?

HalleluYah! The 11th hour? It’s past in the clock of my life. But what this number stands for? What really it means? Quote:

Eleven in scripture seems to speak of disorder and judgment as if adding to the law (the number 10). Adding to God’s order or Torah creates disorder and subsequently judgment. Twelve, we will learn, speaks of God’s perfect government and eleven seems to fall just short of that. It is almost as if the disciples of Yahshua knew that eleven was short of God’s rule, when they quickly chose a replacement for Judas so that the total apostles would be complete at twelve.

Conclusion …?

Well? To add the conclusion in Ecclesiastes has been in my mind since I quoted that chapter in the previous post, but I did not know how to include it in that post. Now I know.

It’s now 12:01 pm on this 10th day of the 10th month. The 11th hour is past. I am now in the 12th hour. The Number Twelve stands for Governing Order and Rulership. Wow!

That’s My Clue To Quote To Quote The Conclusion In Ecclesiastes …?

That’s my clue to quote my favorite passage in all the written words from the Father/Creator of our beings. Why? Unless anyone comes to that conclusion? Nothing of intrinsic value comes to pass in anyone’s life..

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    • Blow me away! How long have I waited? ALL THINGS COME FROM HIM ALONE! My precious Brother! Fixing to post the killer post of posts. WOW!
      “Completion and Manifestation of My promised abundance to you. all …”
      Hope you be inclined to read.

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