Genuine? The Creator’s Plans For Us. Counterfeit? Humans Prosperity’s Plan…

Can You Believe It? No Matter. Believe It Or Not? That’s The Fact Of Our Existence On This Earth …?

From The Dining Room In My Soul …

Friday, 19 October 2018 at 3:44 am.

Out of Sorts …?

O My Father—O Father Of Mine? What am I to record today? I wait on You. There is Your answer! It’s now Friday, 19 October 2018 at 6:25 am. How that answer came to me?

Well? Since yesterday afternoon I been feeling out of sorts for no reason that I could pinpoint.

Of course? I turned to my Father to find out what to do about it. It came to me:

“Let be and be still. In returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength.”

With that in mind I headed for bed to sleep. I slept for two hours at a time several times. I kept going back to sleep because my energy to do anything was not there.

My Answer!

Finally? I woke up around 6 am. This time? Feeling pretty decent if not elated. I went to check my inbox. The following headline glaring in my sight:

ALERT: Major “Cosmic Upgrade” Happening Now

Dear Thiabasilia,

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, tired, and completely exhausted lately…

You are NOT alone.

A Major “Cosmic Upgrade” IS Happening As We Speak…

Of course, I clicked! I knew that’s what my Teacher and Guide wanted me to hear as an answer to what goes on in the enemy’s camp.

Major “Cosmic Upgrade” Happening Now …?

Indeed! There is a genuine ‘Major “Cosmic Upgrade” Happening Now, but! Not at all what the enemy is presenting to mankind.

Genuine Vs Counterfeit …?

  • Genuine? The Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation Is In Effect —To Be Loved. To Love. Your Cherish Family O Mighty One? Forever To be!
  • Counterfeit? Humans prosperity’s plan enticing humans away from the Loving Creator to become their own gods.

Such Is The Conflict Of Our Existence, But! …?

No fear. No worries. Father is in control of it all. Father is Sovereign in His creation. He created all things including Satan. He created us human beings.

The Father/Creator Is Sovereign Never To Be Dethroned …?

He, alone is the possessor of His reason for His creations. He will never, ever let Satan or any being in existence by His creation of all things know His reason. Why?

Reason For Higher Thoughts And Ways …?

Simple. If He should divulge such matter? He will cease to exist along with His creation. That? Shall not happen regardless whatever is done or said by the forces intent in dethroning and destroying His Majesty.

A Mouth Full! Is There Weight To It? Big Time …?

Indeed! This thiaBasilia is not speaking out of her wits—poor thing she is, like Ahmad often state about ‘Poor Basilia’!

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