Genuine? The Creator’s Plans For Us. Counterfeit? Humans Prosperity’s Plan…

‘Poor Basilia’ my foot! Indignantly she responds, ‘Nothing ‘poor’ about me! You are the ‘poor thing that knows nothing but think that you know it all!’ Know what?

Ahmad is right.

I am the one thinking that I know it all! Hahaha! Ahmad? By far! He possesses a wealth of information beyond my ability to understand. No kidding.

Now? To The Point Of This Write Up.

Dear Reader, where do you think this thing about ‘father, mother, brother, sister—family originated? Pause. Think. Reflect.

In the next post? I will let you in on the enlightenment I received this morning about it all. Can you wait? I hope so.

Meantime? My love for you and for all continues fervently now more than ever before. Much love, thiaBasilia.

Here is the Next Post. Hahaha! Couldn’t wait …?

What’s With This Thing About Family And Money? The Naked Truth About It All….?

Got To Finish With The Clean Up! No More Hold Ups. Turning Off The Machine On The Double!

From The Dining Room In My Soul …

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 at 12:29 pm.

Away with the I GOT TO attitude ….!

Hum! I wonder, but! Best that I turn off the machine and get to the business at hand. After all? O well! What’s wrong with turning off the machine? What’s wrong with me getting to work?

My attitude. That could be wrong. The ‘GOT TO’ that’s what could be wrong. I don’t have to do anything with I GOT TO attitude.

Flowing Like A Calm River Is More Likely ….?

Flow with the free Spirit within me—that’s the only way. On to ‘flow’ into what comes next. Forget the GOT TO ATTITUDE—it’s against the flow with the Spirit within you, thiaBasilia!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 now at 5:54 pm. This is the hour when my bubble? O well! What do I expect? I am made out of flesh and bones not stones. I’m tired, that’s all. Nothing to do with bubble busting!

Uncertain? Give Father My Uncertainty …?

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 now at 8:43 pm. What am I to do, my Father? Yahushua spoke clearly about these days of the end, but!

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