Genuine? The Creator’s Plans For Us. Counterfeit? Humans Prosperity’s Plan…

My inbox is replete with emails to entice me to follow man’s ways to obtain the max of comfort while I walk on these earthly grounds. No matter.

Nothing Can Entice Me Away From You, My Father …

Thanks that be to You. You have done the work in me. No need for me to set goals to fulfill my wanton desires. You have delivered me from my wantonness. That’s for sure.

What Now? Who Am I Now? What’s My Renewed Attitude ….?

That shall be subject for the next post. Maybe. I no longer set my own agenda. Nor am set on somebody else’s agenda. I am flowing with my Heavenly Father’s Spirit within me. What a flowing!

Meantime? Much love for you all, thiaBasilia.

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