One thing we don’t know about anger. Horrifying. Incredible but?…

In vain I thought for relief amid this insanity ridden world. Lasting help is not to be found in this world, that’s for sure.

It’s proven by the countless souls under care crowding the Mental Health waiting areas. The Mental Health Hospitals? Booming! Why?

Timing! Timing To Come To Terms With The One Thing We Don’t Know About Anger ….?

WHO is the object for our anger? Why are we angry? Zillion of articles are written about anger, and? I have probably read half that number! Hahaha! Just kidding, but! It feels close to it.

Why I keep searching for information about anger for the last day or so? Ha! After all those years under the power of that monster called ANGER? I heard:

“Why Are You Angry At Me?”

What? Angry at You? What are You talking about? Wow! It all came clear to me. “Go back to the beginning of your history. Your history begins with Cain in Genesis 4:5.”

Amazing! Light Over The Chaos Engulfing Us Human Beings …?

No! I Am not a Scholar, Researcher, Philosopher Or Indian-Chief by a long shot, but! The Almighty Father/Creator has chosen to reveal these amazing things to me of no such reputation whatsoever. Hahaha!

Despite my lack of higher education as well as a classy birth, what am I required to do? Write. Publish. Optimize whatever the Father/Creator compels me to do. The Father/Creator is doing the rest. Why?

The Wisdom And Power In His Timing ….?

In His timing He reveals to each one of us what we need to know to avail us for eternity. First revelation for me?

ANGER Was At The Core Of All My Life’s Sufferings!

Discovery! Only In My Father/Creator I Can Find the help I searched for all my life. Help. True Rest. Joy. Peace?

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