One thing we don’t know about anger. Horrifying. Incredible but?…

Anger is gone! No more slavery in the grip of such monster. Humour instead of anger. What You called me Father? Worm? A worm. O my Father, a worm? That’s what I was! Hahaha!

Author like a wingless butterfly caterpillar

The egg – the caterpillar – the pupa – A butterfly at last! The transformation—In a plebeian looking stage the caterpillar displays not the beauty of its future as it will burst from a cocoon coming to life at the end as a beautiful butterfly to display its beautiful wings as it flies and flutters happily among the flowers of the earth!

So once the author like a humble wingless butterfly caterpillar was not able to display any of her future beauty at all in the process of her supernatural transformation!

And in her pitiful stage in the life that she used to live the author felt even less than a caterpillar—she felt like a worm crawling wingless actually wiggling and twisting her way on these earthly grounds…

Yet what a difference it is after she burst from the cocoon of her old life totally transformed as Yahuwah/Yahushua stepped into her being and she was born again! Now, like a butterfly, her beautiful wings among men she can display!

Thus there were butterflies adorning not only the pages of her books but also embellishing the original Web Sites built to proclaim?

Yahuwah/Yahushua!—Sovereign Master and King of the Universe and all therein including ourselves! And to the Two in One be the esteem and praise now and forever and ever!

Much love to all. thiaBasilia.

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