I did and hopelessly for a reply? I figured she probably won’t even check this email for a while. But she did replied and we exchanged our situations with money and the weather for a bit. Then?

I figured with all happening on her end with the weather and all I probably won’t hear from her for a while. With that, evidently now, I went to bed and? Died!

O Man! Talking About Resurrection ….?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 4:44 am.

Hahaha! HalleluYah! Died indeed I did! Didn’t revive until around 1 am this next day. Woke up, and? Immediately I felt warm. Not any idea about nothing. Sat up. Hum? What happened? What time is it? Checked the time in phone under my pillow.

Wow! I feel pretty good. Been sleeping forever! Wow! Let me make to the toilet, my Father. Made it safe to the toilet with thanksgiving in my mouth. Did my business. Come to computer. Hum? 6 entries at top. Probably nothing.

Get my glasses on. Click the top of inbox. Ah! ‘You got money’ PayPal. Could hardly believe it, but! I figured, O well, it’s just a few bucks than won’t do much for me anyhow. Check other entries and finally? Click PayPal. WOW!

Man O Me! Not A Few Bucks But Big Bucks!

I could hardly believe my eyes. All I could do? Laugh! But then? I called my faithful friend, Pat and rejoiced with her about the amazing things Father is doing in our midst.

Eventually? I called Joyce and had the best exchange with my dear Joyce in a long time. Then? I shared with my Robin and grandson my joy with the blessing for all of us.

Now? Time To Share With You Dear Unique Human.

Have you checked part 1 and part 2 of these series of posts? This is Part 3. I have somewhat of an idea about Part 4, but! I must prepare to post this part 3 for now.

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