Uplifting About Time And This So Loved World …?

I was hungry, so? I turned to the closest table and began to eat. I was delightfully eating and laughing and I woke up actually laughing!

The interpretation that most fit the way I sensed the meaning of it all when I woke up? It says:

If somebody that you know offers you food in a dream and you subsequently eat whatever they are giving you – can suggest that you’re going to be given a gift in life. This gift will make you stronger, especially your subconscious mind. It really indicates that you are going to be fed information that will make your content. Dreaming of eating food can be connected to how we are healing ourselves.

Even so? I am still waiting only on our Father. Weather that was Him comforting me on these hard times that I am going through or NOT, it does not change my trust and confidence on our Father alone. He is in control of it all. Even in control of my wishful thinking. May His will not mine be done!

I Am Human. I Feel. I Think. I Do. Who Cares …?

Monday, January 14, 2019 at 12:51 am.

A new day on this first month of 2019. Time marches on. What will it be today, my Father? The wind is raging again. Snow is predicted. Will it disrupt the city’s business? Perhaps.

It looks like the people is excited about it—expecting a holiday from the event. Me? I no longer want to anticipate any of my feelings or my doings. You are in control of it all. Going to bed. Hope for sleep. 1:00 am.

A Dream Or Was It A Vision? Who cares …?

Monday, January 14, 2019 now at 6:41 am.

I was recording the last post. As I typed the last word in that post? I woke up still laughing—I had dozed off while typing and? A dream or was it a vision? No time to digest it. Need to sleep. Go to bed. Time? Sunday, January 13, 2019 now at 9:51 am.

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