Uplifting About Time And This So Loved World …?

That happened yesterday. The day lagged on. I slept. I woke up. My mind? My feelings? My imaginations? Up. Down. Around about the meaning of the dream. It came to me to get in touch with somebody to put things in right perspective.

I tried to get in touch with Ahmad to no avail. Then it came to me to share my dream with my daughter. I did on Sunday, January 13, 2019 by then around 3 pm. Much anticipation as I waited for reply.

What was I anticipating? Perhaps a response confirming the meaning of the dream. Eventually the awaited response came with cheers. Not at all what I was, without realizing it, hoping for. So?

I wrote back sharing my thoughts and my hopes with my child. Again? Set myself up to wait for her reply with much anticipation. O me! Why do I set myself up for disappointments? Beats me but that’s what inevitable I do.

Reply did not come. I went to sleep hoping to find a reply on waking up. I woke up at 5:23 am. My child has not yet replied. I started with my usual disappointment. I headed for the journal to record. Instead? I clicked my Teacher’s bidding. Wow!

Forget All Disappointments! Set My Mind On The Only Reality That Counts …?

How? Why the file glaring at me on the computer screen? I began to read while the lovely voice crying in the wilderness of the multitude resonated to me, ‘This is your post for the day.’ On Que? Here it is:

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (10:14 pm).

Thank You O my Master—my Beloved Yahuweh/Yahushua for Your living Presence within me. For I am such a silly one to whine and feel sorry for myself for not getting the attention from anyone continuously, but!

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