Life And Death Go On …?

Well, my Father? It looks like I was unreasonable asking Ahmad for help. He agreed he will come but! It has not happened yet. Now what? I hear, Let be. Be still.

His Power Of Love And Wisdom Avails …?

I guess I do not need to wash my hair tonight. I’ll wait until the morning. Hopefully there will be sunshine in the morning.

At least I got organized. Tomorrow? I’ll carry the hot water little by little to the bathroom. Hopefully? I will wash my hair and be done with it, but!

Resentment? Anger? …

O my Father? Deliver me from resentment. I do not want to harbor ill feelings towards Ahmad. You are our keeper. You are in control of it all.

Even so? I just as well come clean with You. The lurking question pops up again. Is all of this drama going on between Ahmad and I Your will or?

Doubt On Top Of That …?

Is it something that I have devised and now I am too stubborn to give it up? Just when I sense Your approval? Things get worse, and? I’m left in the blank.

I’m At The Point To Withstand All Inconveniences, But!

When it comes to the awful pain from my bones to my head and scalp? You know it, my Father. You know it. I can’t help but to feel sorry for myself.


This day is ending and so is my waiting for Ahmad. I’m ready to put my clothing away, turn off all things, and try to sleep.

Once Again? Your Power Of Love & Wisdom Prevails …

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 12:49 am.

Just as I was getting comfortable under the covers? Ahmad at the door! Wow! There was a minor car accident that detain him for a couple hours. The good part?

By The Time He Came?

The power of Your love and wisdom within my heart had taken over me. So? We had a good short visit, and? I now have the hair dryer to dry my hair as soon as I wake up.

I Go One Step Backwards …?

Thanks, my Father! Each time I go one step backwards with my fears and doubts? You grab my hand and lift me up two steps ahead.

You Have Planted Me Here.

You aim to accomplish Your purpose for my life. You have gifted my son Ahmad. That’s nothing at all that I have devised.

And my pain? When I got under the covers? No pain this time …?

I will now go on. I know You’ll give me the much-needed sleep to restore my body.

All Well Only For A Bit …?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 now at 6:41 am.

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