Life And Death Go On …?

Things are not going well with this program. I removed all extensions. I will again try to unplug and restart. Maybe? That fix the problem.

Nothing Works, But! …

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 now at 10:09 am.

Well? I’ll see in a little bit if the same pop up occurs. I hope the people from the Advanced Repair Pro issue me a refund. Father? You are in control of it all.

My Father Is In Control Of It All For Sure! No More Worries …?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 now at 7:08 pm.

Indeed! So much! So many things to worry about! Winter lingers. The moisture from cooking. One thing function. Same thing? Quit functioning! What to do? Listen up! Over and over I hear:

Do not worry no matter what you feel or think or do at this crucial point of your journey in My Presence. I am in control of it all.

So? That’s What I Am Doing. I Am Listening Or, Am I?

I try one thing or the other to fix things up. Some things work for a while, then? Nothing works anymore. Sometimes? I am calm. Sometimes? I blow up! Down and up I go. Sometimes? Much help! Other times? No help at all! ALL the time? You are right here with me. How can that be?

The Mystery That Got All Humans Thrown Out Of Quilt For Sure …?

Ah! My Awesome Father? You are certainly here with me and for me, but! Your ways. Your thoughts? Way above mine! Mystery! Mysterious. O yes! That’s the way You are, and?

By Far? No One Can Figure Out You And Your Mysterious Ways …?

And a good thing that is! Can you imagine the confusion should we let our children become our parents to control us?

Well? No Need To Imagine It. It’s Happening!

Our children are now parenting us, and? Attempting to parent the Creator Himself. Our children intent to fix this world because the Creator done did a poor mess of things. Who can deny it?

The More I Think About It? The More Relaxed I Get … ?

Why? Because I am experiencing the power of love and unfathomable wisdom from my Heavenly Father Creator of my being. He promised:

The secret of the sweet, satisfying companionship of the Master have they who fear, revere and worship Him, and He will show them His covenant and reveal to them its deep, inner meaning. (Psa 25:14 )

That’s Exactly What He Is Doing Now Not Only For Me But!

For all who fear, revere and worship Him. One by one He is showing us His covenant and revealing to us its deep, inner meaning.

Wow! What more could I, could you ever want for?

  • Let’s all come into His Presence.
  • Let’s all let Him take over our lower lives.
  • Let’s all let Him set us up in His higher life.

Me? I can echo Habakkuk:

I heard and my [whole inner self] trembled; my lips quivered at the sound. Rottenness enters into my bones and under me [down to my feet]; I tremble. I will wait quietly for the day of trouble and distress when there shall come up against [my] people him who is about to invade and oppress them. Habakkuk 3:16

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