Post 1—What’s The Beauty-Uniqueness Of This Site …?

It’s my arm, my neck, but! I will lay down in peace. I pray my Father, You keep me resting underneath Your everlasting arms now—forever as You promised me You will do.

Enjoy! Rejoice! Be glad!

In Awe I Remain Of The Exactitude Of Your Doings O Mighty One …?

Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 7:02 am.

O my Father? Again, You are letting me notice the number of the hour of this entry. It’s the 7th hour of this 28th day of the 2nd month of this 2019—to be the year of our Jubilee!

Furthermore? Your appearance in a vision to me a moment ago. What does it all mean, my Father? I am cold. Are You calling me to sit in front of the heater again?

Lost but confident …?

It’s now Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 1:15 pm.

O my Father? You know how the weather is raging outside, but in here? It’s not too bad, only I feel lost! Not worry or in panic. Lost but confident You’ll find me soon enough. How come?

What a DAY…

Friday, March 1, 2019 at 3:14 am.

O my Father! Once again? You have me to notice the date. The 1st day of the 3rd month of this 2019 year—the year of our Jubilee! What is the meaning of this date? Wow!

What I have discovered in looking up the meaning of those numbers? It cannot be more appropriate to what is going on—what is—what has been happening in my life.

Meaning Of What Happened Yesterday …?

Amazing revelation of how the Completion and Manifestation and the Unity of our Almighty Loving Creator of the Universe including our beings applies to me. How does it apply to me?

The Answer Is Found In The Meaning Of The Numbers Of Today’s Date. Wow! …?

O my Father! How simple but mysterious ways You have to communicate with us. And how easily we bypass all Your simple ways in lieu of what we think is best, but!

Things Are Now Changing Big Time! How?

Again, and again! By the power of Your love and wisdom, O Mighty One! It’s by Your power of love and unfathomable wisdom the You reveal things to me to pass on to the next one You have in mind.

Who Is That One? I Don’t Know, But! It Could Be You, My Fellow Human Being …

The following quote reveals the meaning of numbers in our Creator’s mind. Such meaning has been manipulated and corrupted by the occult world. Another subject already exposed. Even so?

The Mighty Spirit Of Our Creator Is Now Revealing The Truth In The Meaning Of Numbers …

So? That explains the different tasks and talents given to certain of His selected vessels. Thus, Brad Scott’s NUMBERS – GEMATRIA The Design of Scripture comes into play. Excellent expose of the matter of the meaning of numbers in the Scriptures. Quote:

Meaning of # 1?

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