Post 1—What’s The Beauty-Uniqueness Of This Site …?

Thanks, my Father for giving me the reason for my lost feeling. That lost feeling been with me all my life up to this day, but!

The Vision Of My Birth Father? …

I didn’t know why that feeling would come upon me until today. With the vision of my birth father? The feeling of lostness came upon me very strong.

Why That Vision? …

I could not understand why that feeling until You revealed to me the vision has to do with You giving me back the security I had lost with my father’s death at my tender age of 17.

Lost security …

Amazing! After His death? I felt like a rug had been taken from under my feet. I went into some kind of shock. I remained so until this day. Why?

Lack Of Closure …

  • I never properly grieved the death of my Father.
  • The same happened with the death of my beloved mentor I called my Honey, and?
  • The same happened with the death of my wonderful friends, Neen and Skee Picone and my friend Bea.

Those People Were My Security …

They look at me as they would look at their own keen. To them? I could do no wrong. They enjoy my company. With them? I always had a home away from home.

I Never Realized How Lost I Have Felt Since They Are Gone.

And? O my Father! I never realized I needed to grieve and bring closure to the matter until You not only revealed those things to me, but!

You Also Gave Me The Needed Time Today …?

You also gave me the needed time of privacy today to properly grieve and bring closure to the matter. Feeling lost, reflecting on that cloud bearing my birth’s father face? The tears began to flow.

Tears I Couldn’t Shed Before?

Washed away the lost feeling. I sense that lostness feelings shall now be replaced with the knowledge of Your control of it all.

Marvelous Sense Of SECURITY Forever Seared Within My Being! …

Indeed! This amazing sense of security—confidence—child like trust? It’s the reality of my life these days, and, yesterday? It was seared forever in my practical material life of today.

Practical Life? Easy For Me To See Now …?

It’s now Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 6:14 pm.

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