Go On And On! Onward! Never Backwards!

A Message I Must Link To This Post …?

While formatting this record? You led me to check a headline in my inbox. I had tears in my eyes as I listen to such an amazing message for the USA.

It’s Your Message confirming what this site is all about. I Must Post It Ahead Of This Post …?

Dear human fellow, I am no longer doing tings as for what I think is best to gain popularity. Whatever I do now? I do it because I must obey my Master regardless anything else. Here is the link, hope it works.



Family Restored. Anger. Hate. Sorrow. And Sighing Shall Flee Away …?

The Blissful Future In Toll For Us All! …

Unexpected Versus Analysis …?

No Need To Analyse A Miracle. No Need To Ignore It Either …

Will Work On Graphics For A Spell …?

Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm.

When I get into graphics? It certainly is a spell! The hours go by unnoticed. Graphics for me? No need to waste my time analyzing the matter. Just have fun!

Must I Label The Matter? Must I Analyze It? …

Whatever for? Why waste my creative imagination analyzing my behavior? Whatever for the brilliant minds of the present engage in such a waste of time?

Waste Of Time? Analyze Human Behavior …?

OF COURSE! We humans are in a constant state of analyzation. Success depends on analyzation. Psychoanalysis is practically a house-hold word. And all for what?

For The Advance Of Civilization? Duh! …

The Advance Of Civilization? Duh! Bless my heart! It took me half of my lifetime to quit advancing civilization! Hahaha! Now?

Quit It! For Mine And All’s Benefit …

Dear fellow human being, no kidding, I was a stalwart for knowledge and civilization, until? The power of love and wisdom from on high?

Descended On This Educated Fool …?

Indeed! Love and wisdom to drill my thick skull. Then? Pour some sense into my polluted brains. WHAT? My brains polluted?

Indeed! The Human Brain Polluted? It’s A Fact …?

That’s what! No matter how indignant offended anyone gets for the most? No way to deny a fact. The human brain is programmed to call evil good and good evil, period. So?

We Find Ourselves In The Colossal Confusion Of These Days …?

Confusion? Just watch the so called ‘news’. Read the headlines. Visit Google—The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.

Ah! But You Are Not Confused? Think Again …?

Ignorance is not a bliss. Just because you choose to ignore it all? It does not make it go away at all. Things are getting worse by the hour sometimes, but!

The Ever Existent One Creator Of Our Beings Is Not Sleeping …

Monday, March 4, 2019 at 11:46 am

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