Go On And On! Onward! Never Backwards!

Yeap! It happens all the time. I hear that lovely voice from within my being? I take off on my own from there on. What am I talking about?

Talking About My Human Tendency To Assume Things Out …?

Been composing a mail out for my children, but! I decided to include others. Perhaps I better not include others? I’ll delete others.

Why Did I Assumed Others To Be Included In A Mail To My Children?

That’s The Ticket To Watch The Saga Of My Carnal Doings …?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 now at 3:14 pm.

O my Father? Been trying to ignore the pain all over my body, but! I just can’t ignore it any longer. It’s not just the pain, it’s also the cold—my hands and feet are like ice.

Then? The Strange Feeling As Dizziness, And Light-Headiness.

Fear of not knowing what to do? Not knowing what’s the cause for these flare ups in my body? I called Ahmad for help, but! He has not yet arrived.

I Turned On The Heater. Bewildered? …

I fixed me a cup of coffee. At least my hands and feet have warm up, but! I never realized what was happening. Never gave a thought to my carnal doings. So?

Finally? I Decided To Bring The Situation To My Father …?

O my Father! Frances and Jimmy are in Jerusalem. They can’t come to Amman. They asked me to come to Jerusalem, but! I cannot go to Jerusalem.

What’s The Meaning Of These Turn Of Events, My Father? …

You are in control of it all. Even so? You know the tendency of my human nature is to enter into a state of fear. Not able to go to Jerusalem?

What About If I Get Into A Helpless State?

Who would take care of me? Help me, my Father! Help me! I know You have a good plan for me. I beseech You to give me a clue. It’s now 3:51 pm. I hear thunder. Perhaps I should turn off the computer.

Meanwhile? I Felt Remorse Because Ahmad Could Be Drenched In The Storm, And?

Sure enough. I ask for my Father to protect Ahmad. While I asked? I realized that I had acted in fear. Thus? I had exposed Ahmad to danger unnecessarily. Even so?

O My Father? You Did Not Condemn Me. Instead …?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 1:07 am.

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