Humor Instead of Anger …?

Yes! I’m Angry! Even More? I’m Disgusted, But!…

What’s The Sense In It All I Can’t Control? …

Why Am I So Angry And Disgusted? …

Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 9:23 am.

Angry and disgusted I am, but! O my Father? You have brought to my remembrance a humorous episode from my younger years.

The Angry Mare …

It might have been an ordinary mare, but! To me at that time? She looked so majestic and loving. Her colt beside her so wabbly and fragile. I began to approach such a beautiful pair, but!

Like lightening the mare lifted its head. It lurched towards me. Me? Like lightening as well hauled tail up the nearest tree.

There I sat on a branch watching that mare on her hind legs scratching the tree trunk trying to get to me. I watched holding tight to that branch.

Was I scare? I don’t remember. I think I was mostly glad that the mare could not reach me. How long was I in that predicament? A long time. The mare was angry. It was determinate to? Who knows?

Finally? A blessed field hand came by on his way to his bunk. He saw my predicament. He courageously grabbed the mare by its neck and led it away from the tree. He soothed it. Then?

He signaled me to come down. I came down and hail tail to my home where I belonged. I don’t remember anyone questioning me. Perhaps because? That’s was my free life to go and come as I pleased.

Why The Tell Of This Tale? …

The anger and retaliation of that mare? Similar to the bursts of anger and disgust I must go through at the sight of threatening circumstances to me.

What Threatening Circumstances? …

Well? It’s a matter of my human nature. A matter of my human nature’s lack of understanding of everything. So? What’s threatening to me?

The Human Nature In Others ….

Now? Am I analyzing this matter? NAY! But, I am about to relate what to do in the place of analyzing all things. You see? Living in the Presence of the Almighty Creator? No need to analyze anything. Why?

The Almighty Creator Is In Control Of It All, So? …

It’s His job to reveal to us the why of all our doings; the why of everybody’s doings. That’s not analyzing. That’s revelation.

Why This Post About Humor Instead Of Anger? …

Simple. I have been sharing the details of my life with several friends for years and years, but! It looks to me, again it looks to me like they have not profit one iota from the work Father is doing in my life.

Why Does It Look To Me To Be So?

Their insulting remarks. Yes, those remarks are insulting to me because? Those remarks are in fact highly arrogant. Those remarks only show the ignorance of the Almighty’s ways, but!

There Is No Need For Me To Get Angry, Instead? Humor Is The Way…

Where do I get that from? From Psalms 2. Quote:

WHY DO the nations assemble with commotion [uproar and confusion of voices], and why do the people imagine (meditate upon and devise) an empty scheme?

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