Humor Instead of Anger …?

Well! To me at the point of time in my life? To me it’s useless, but! My times are in the hands of my Master—the Spirit of my Father/Creator. So?

I Must Continue To Proclaim The Truth In His Word Regardless …

Regardless my own thinking, feeling, or ideas, conclusions dictated by negative or positive circumstances, and? Regardless the same from any human being acquainted with me and my doings.

I Do Care, But! I Do Not Depend On Mine Or Anyone Else’s Cares …

The truth and fact? I care enough to get fed up with mine and the rest of the world’s arrogance, vainglory, and plumb stupidity. That’s that!

Here I Am Struggling With This Miserable Predicament I Am In, And? …

Who do I blame? O my Father! I blame You! Why? Because You are the only One Who can set me free from all the miseries driving me up the wall, but! You seem to pay no mind to my miserable predicament.

Even So? You Are Still My Loving Father, and …?

You instill enough confidence in me that it is so. Thus? I can talk to You. Really talk to You without the frilliest of lip talk. What? What am I hearing now?

  • “Your misery is ending now, My beloved. I am delighted with your honesty. Moral evil comes from the enemy of your souls, but! Physical evil comes from Me as it’s written. Quote:

  • I form the light and create darkness, I make peace [national well-being] and I create [physical] evil (calamity); I am the Master, Who does all these things. (Isaiah 45:7) (Must read the whole chapter!)

Wow! Who Could Have Spoken To Me Thus? …

Indeed! Most of my life? My Bible teachers told me the opposite. “God is not like that. He loves you. He won’t hurt you” If I heard such a claim a zillion time? It wont count enough. Why such claim?

We Have Created A ‘God’ In Our Image …?

The matter is obvious by now, but! Soon our creations? Halted! The Almighty Sovereign Creator of the Universe and all there in, including ourselves? He is now revealing Himself to each one of us individually.


Friday, March 8, 2019 now at 7:41 pm

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