Danger! But! There Is ONE In Control Of It All…

Been glad and not so glad in learning to quick select in the latest Photoshop. Sometimes I feel like a nut! Sometimes I don’t! I am now going to bed.

The Master Speaks To Me In A Dream …

Friday, March 15, 2019 at 12:08 am

  • Me?
  • A kitchen?
  • A table?
  • The busy workers?
  • A paper cup?
  • A dead stinking fish amidst much debris under the table?

I came into the kitchen holding an empty paper-cup. The cup falls under the table. I bend over to pick it up.

What Did I Do Next And Why …?

Phew! A dead stinking fish amidst much debris. The cup? Past the debris next to the head of the stinking dead red fish. Of course? I left it there as unfit for use anymore.

What’s the meaning of it all …?

I sat by my bedside. Slowly I walked to the bathroom. In my mind? Many thoughts churning about the dream, but! None to hit the mark, until?

Wow! What A Discover! I’m The Fisherman. I’m Also The Catch …?

In all that was churning in my mind? Judging the actions of the present time workers, but! I denied my thoughts. I sat by the heater. I began to think about it all objectively.

Go To The Inbox. Denise In My Important List …?

I wondered what she is up to now? I click. Wow! The rightful meaning of it all in my dream. An excerpt from her take. Quote:

From this vista, we can look at things as the movie that is our life. And as in any movie or story, there are heroes and villains and conflict, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a movie or story. Since each of us are evolving different aspects of the collective through our individual experience, the conflict in our “movie” is varied and necessary for us to bring healing to our aspect of the collective. Those who undergo the most extreme trauma, have the greatest potential to heal the collective through their individual experience.

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