Danger! But! There Is ONE In Control Of It All…

This is why doesn’t serve to judge anyone’s experience. In order to heal something, we must first experience it. There is a respect and honor for what each person is doing, as well as an understanding that each of us get to choose how we evolve our aspect of the collective.

All Dreams Are Basically About Me Not About Others.

That’s why it occurred to me to check the inbox. How mysterious yet simple are Your ways, O my Father! What did You show me as I read my Denise’s post?

You Created Us To Be Your Family, And?

That’s what we are! My family? A dysfunctional family yes but a loving family we were and still are by the power of Your love and unfathomable wisdom. The best part?

Closure To This Wounding Thing In My Soul …?

HalleluYah! My family? In restoration by the power of our Loving Father Creator’s love and unfathomable wisdom. A link to restoration? Memories I created for them.

That’s The Fact To Be Exact …

In reading Denise’s post this morning? Father materialized the closure to the deep wounds in my soul. Those memories I created for them? The balm to heal my wounds.

Hope. Joy Inexplicable. Humor Instead Of Anger …?

Yes indeed! My heart is full with it all. Humor instead of anger as I see the seven of them enjoying themselves aloof from this thing that I have been, but!

That’s What Father Necessary To Deem …?

O yes! As Denise states: ‘In order to heal something, we must first experience it.’ Yes indeed! Experience is the need!

Experience Of Good And Evil? A Gift In Disguise From Above …?

Let me end this portion of my saga for now. Perhaps the next post? Meaningful Post from the past To Apply For This Moment.

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