The Presence Of The Creator Within Me Is Divine, But! I Am Not …

O my Father? What to do? I’m cold. Winter is back. Spring in my soul remain, but! I am distracted by so many rabbit’s tales in my way, plus?

Something Is Troubling My Soul …

Could it be the lack of understanding between Ahmad and my closest loved ones? Perhaps. Sadness, not anger is heavy within me. I wish I could cry but my eyes are dry. Even so?

My Focus And Confidence Are Set On You …

Have You led me to read about, How to Publish a Kindle Bestseller? Have You led me to read about The Law of Attraction, or what? Are those just chasing rabbits?

Reading On Those Issues Has Only Intensified My Sadness …

At 12:14 pm I went under the covers to warm me up. It’s now Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 3:23 pm.

Rabbit’s Tales? Chasing Rabbits?

Is that just a waste of my time, or do You have a purpose for it all? Why do I go off on a tangent, my Father?

“My child, I am delighted with your presence in My Presence. To live in My presence is My plan for your life.

This is also the plan I have set up for all My children to come into My Presence by the power of My love and wisdom. My purpose?

To lead and guide you all to choose life instead of death. I am your Creator. I am the only One to know the path to lead you to life eternal.

There is a way that seems right to live by unto mankind, but! The end thereof is death. I am aware of all your doings, and? In the economy of your life, I do not waste any of your doings.

It’s all to show you the different ways that lead to death despite the appearance of full and abundant life.

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