Is It A Good Thing To Stretch The Positive. The Negative?

No matter which way it goes, You are with me. You never leave nor forsake me. I know when I wake up next? You will still be here with me. That’s the fact.

What I Act? Not What I Think Is Fact …

Aha! Your revelation! That’s Your mercy for me on this wonderful new day. Denise? Posted a new video. Click! Wow! Light switch? Quick-quickly! I see. I heard.

That Lovely Voice From My Heart Ending My Suspense By Far ….

Yes! I been in suspense in a sense. Why? I questioned myself over and over in disgust. Why none of my Father’s promises are happening?

The Restoration Of My Health And Wealth? Only The Opposite In Sight …

How and why should I post anything under this actual conditions of glee for thee but not for me? I don’t envy such glee, but! I hurt big time! No time to envy or to whatever!

You Let All Your Former Workers Suffer And Die At That. Is That Fate To Be Mine Or What? …

On and on my suspense raged while I push and bend and taped here and there this piece, this plant or the other, and?

Take A Break To Feel Sorry For Myself. Why Not? I Hurt! Hopelessly I Blurt! …

O well! Hello human thiaBasilia. What you going to do about it? Don’t even think to ask me such stupid question because I’m liable to throw something and kill you!

I Don’t Like Myself And I Don’t Like You Either, But! …

I love you with an insensitivity never grasped by your brilliant mind! And don’t tell me that you love me unconditionally because you don’t even know how stupid statement that is!

Just Leave Me Alone! Father Is In Control Of It All! …

And don’t tell me that you know that because the way you act? You are in control. Not only you think to be in control yourself, but you want to control me. That’s the truth and fact!

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