Hit Bottom! The Deepest Part Of My Soul …

Despite your human inability to comprehend this matter of pain and suffering? The suffering of the moment is the substance for the purification of the deepest part of your soul.

Fear not. Soon, sooner than you could imagine? Your pain and suffering shall come to an end. Soon I will wipe your tears away.

Soon I will reveal Myself to you. I will show—reveal, manifest Myself to you. I will let Myself be clearly seen by you and make Myself real to you.”

You Have Made Yourself Be Clearly Seen By Me, And? Made Yourself Real To Me For Sure! …

Wow! How real! Your manifestation? In awe I comfortable sit here. In fear of Your Majesty? I dare not make any conclusions. In silence, I worship You. I wait on Your conclusions.

Timely? You Speak To Me In A Train Dream …

Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 4:00 am.

What an amazing day You made for me of yesterday. Much accomplished in which direction to go. Not only with the blog/the books, but mainly? With my life.

Wow! It’s All Coming To Light Now. Father Has Always Been In Control Of It All …

I held my peace despite my view of all that goes on in my present circumstances. I did not make any conclusions. Ahmad finally called sometime in the afternoon.

Strange Explanations About His Life And Doings Do Not Rattle Me Anymore …

Strange explanation of the reason for him not to check with me since the day before. Such explanation left me with questions in my mind about Ahmad and his two brothers, but!

I Declined To Assume Anything About Anything That Goes On Around Me …

Wow! What power on me You bestow! Ahmad and his doings? Out of my mind, instead? Enhancing the created book covers. Editing. Finding the books to edit. My eyes set on Yahushua I spent my whole day!

The Internet Prevented Me To Properly Continue With My Work, So?

I headed for bed and slept for a couple of hours. Got up at the knock on my door. My friend brought me food. I ate. Tried the Internet again for a bit. Nothing working. Back to bed. Slept until 2:44 am.

Woke Up From A Train Dream.

  • “To dream that you are on a train symbolizes your life’s journey. It suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction.”

It’s now Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 4:33 am. Must return to bed. Can’t keep my eyes open. I laid in bed reflecting on the reality of Yahushua within me. At last I drifted into sound sleep.

I Clearly See Yahushua Now. He Is Real In All My Doings …

For so long I have followed Yahuahua’s instructions to pray to the Father, ‘Our Father in the heavens’, but now? His words touched the center of my heart. Quote:

John 14:15-21

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