Hit Bottom! The Deepest Part Of My Soul …

His desire for you?

The song of Solomon Yahushua is singing to you now. Therefore?

For a time in your life now you must remain aloof from this world and all goings on therein. You must bind your mind, soul, and body as in the Song of Solomon.

At Your Master’s discretion?

He will present you to this world in a way far beyond your imagination.

From here on? You have nothing to worry about.

Your times are in His hands.

From now on?

Yahushua shall lead and direct you in the task I have assigned unto you.

I know how overwhelming your task has become, but!

Your Master shall now make it all a joy and a delight as He will make your task to be.

Remember, after this post?

Refrain from posting until Yahushua releases you to post again.

This is a time exclusively for your Master and you.

I am at work.

You have written. You have published. You have optimized.

I have been and will continue to do the rest in the heart of each one of the readers of the posts.

Rejoice! Enjoy your Master’s Presence forevermore!”

The Truth, Dear Reader? Checkmate! …

The complicated game of my worldly life is ended. Instead? The reality of my soul’s longings for that One with Whom to endlessly share my tears and my joys? All games pale. No need to play anymore.

The Reality To Be Someone’s Delight …

Who is so blessed? At last I am! I have no longer need to play the worldly game of life. I will now live the reality of my Master’s delight by the power of His love and wisdom for me.

Much love to all, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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