How Easy It Is To Give Advice. How Hard It Is To Take It … 

It’s past midnight. I sit here bewildered. Thinking about all things You revealed to me. Overwhelmed to see the whole world engaged in vanity.

The Vanity Of Religion-Church-The Organized System Of Law And Education …

All the works that are done under the sun? Behold, all is vanity, a striving after the wind and a feeding on wind, and? You know it, my Master. Yet?

You Earnestly Wait—Expecting, Looking, And Longing To Be Gracious To Us.

Therefore, You lift Yourself up, that You may have mercy on us and show loving-kindness to us. For You are a Mighty One of justice, but!

How Are We Responding To Your Mighty Act Of Mercy To Show Loving-Kindness To Us?

With pleasure! With pleasure? Indeed! With the pleasures of our flesh to do our best even with lip service to You. Even so?

You Earnestly Wait. What Are You Telling Me Right Now With Those Words?

Friday, May 3, 2019 at 5:55 am.

Ha! One more moment of astonishment! After that headline came to me? The words ‘and, if need be, in dyingcame to mind as well.

I Headed To Look For Those Words, But!

I looked and looked in vain for a couple of ours. Finally? Frustrated with my inability to find things quickly, I headed for bed.

Sitting By My Bedside, I Poured My Heart To The One I Love …

The pain from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet had returned with a vengeance. The lack of even the barest personal needs in clothing. The lack of companionship. The needed repairs for this apartment. I wept. I poured my heart to my Master like I have done many times before.

After My Weeping Subsided? I Stretched In Bed. Sleep …

O the much-needed sleep to rest and heal my body overtook my moment of agony. Five hours later I woke up. I headed to the usual, then? The computer’s screen. Wow!

The Scriptures In The Screen Glared The Words I Could Not Find Before…

Unbelievable to me. Those words in complete detail answered my request. Astonished? I read and read mesmerised by the accuracy of those words that apply even to this moment of time. Quote:

John 12:24-50

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