What About Bugs In Our Midst? …

Sleep at last! Slept from 1:30 am. To 4:30 am.

Guess My Worst Fright? My Master Not Watching …

Monday, May 6, 2019 at 4:49 am.

O my Master? You know that I still don’t understand Your ways. I still fear my whole present life it’s all in my imagination.

Just A Feeling. Not Reality. What Is The Reality? …

Back to bed it’s 4:54 am. Up now at 6:50 am on Monday-May-6, 2019.

What is the reality? The reality is You, my Master! No matter what I feel or think? You are present, aware of my situations, and in control of them all. So?

What About The Bugs That So Frighten Me? …

O mine! Bugs? Both physical or not frighten me big time because I realize despite all means to destroy them? They keep multiplying!

People Have Not A Clue As To The Depth Of My Fright …

To the most? My fight is only entertainment. They find hilarious my fright of a tiny little bug, but! Most people have no conception either of the implications of bugs in our midst.

Why Bugs In Our Midst? Could It Be …

Could it be that we have lost all respect for the examples written in the Bible? Even the seat of lots of scary fairy tales? Could it be that we have lost respect for the authorities over us? More serious, yet?

Could It Be That We Have Lost Respect For The Highest Authority? …

It’s obvious that such is the case. Even the most devoted souls? At lost on what to do they come up with all kinds of doctrines and theories far from the reality of You, my Master, but!

Again And Again? The Master Is In Control Of It All …

Thank goodness! Me? I for one? I know now more than ever before that is the absolute truth in my daily life experience. So?

Why The Ugly Bug In My Face? …

O man! Automatically? My hand swept that thing away. I sprung up. I sat on the side of my bed just in time to see the ugly thing disappear under my desk.

Talking About A Serious Talk To My Master? …

In utter despair? I called on my Master.

  • “Why on earth would You allow such monster to land on my face?
  • You promised that no evil shall come near me.
  • Is that the truth or is it me imagining things that are not so?
  • What to do now?
  • I can’t risk to lay in bed and have that ugly thing bite me.
  • Please help me. I need sleep. You know that.
  • I called Ahmad but he is not answering my call. Anyhow? That’s stupid to call Ahmad because, what can he do except either laugh at me or get angry for disturbing him.
  • Unless You help me? There is no other way.
  • And how am I to sleep in safety from now on?
  • This apartment need repairs to plug up all entrances of those bugs. How that can be done?
  • It’s all about money that we don’t have.
  • Where are You my Master?
  • I have no one but You. Would You leave me at the will of those varmints?”

Just At That Moment? I Looked To My Left. Wow! The Ugly Thing Creeping Out In My Reach …

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