Who Is Greater Than The Almighty Ever Existent One Creator Of All In Existence? No One But!

Humankind Is Oblivious To Such Fact.

  • What Do You Know About Yourself?
  • The Truth? Not Much But? You Think Otherwise …

Master? You Know …

I am earnestly waiting for You. You know that I expect and look and long for You—for Your victory, Your favor, Your love, Your peace, Your joy, and Your matchless, unbroken companionship, but!

I Keep Missing You, And? …

Loneliness. Longing for human companionship sets in my soul. Today the USA celebrates ‘Mother’s Day’. All mothers are blessed and exalted.

Even So? I Quit Celebrating The Day A Long Time Ago, Why?

Because of the materialism involved in it. So, now? My children do not really bless me, and? It makes me wonder.

Could This Be The Way For Them To Show Me Their Hurt—Resentment because of my Absence? …

  • I don’t know.
  • I don’t need to assume that such is the case.
  • Instead of mopping about it? I will attempt to change the apartment again. I don’t like my bed position, but!
  • Moving the bed and cover and drawers? Big job.
  • My arm still hurts. I fear not being able to finish should I start the project.
  • What to do, my Master?
  • I know You are restoring my health.
  • I know that no matter what I feel or think.
  • No matter the reality of my arm’s pain?
  • I must wait on You.

O But The Feelings And Thoughts That Determine Our Behaviour! …

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 2:49 am.

Master? I am going to bed. I’ll try to sleep again. You know why I have not been able to enjoy some sound sleep for the last few days. Help! O help me, my Master!

Too Much Mixed In My Mind, But! You Know It My Master …

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 7:50 am.

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