Who Is Greater Than The Almighty Ever Existent One Creator Of All In Existence? No One But!

I’ll wait until You clear my mind to record. So much mixed in my mind? Ha! Not in my mind only—all humankind? Guilty!!!!

So Much Mixed In My Mind? Ha! Not In My Mind Only—All Humankind? Guilty!!!!

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 10:44 am.

Well? My two cents worth—Humankind as a whole is infected! Spiritual Leprosy? Man! Now that I am out of the leprosy colony, I can clearly see it.

The Plague Is Global. Even So?

How can we see the difference when we are all look and behave alike? Master? I’m feeling really strange. Could it be the daisy tea? Maybe sleep?

(It’s now 1:19 pm. More problems. Lost my calls with google phone #. It’s now Monday, May 13, 2019 at 11:11 pm. Restarting computer to see if that fixes the problem.)

Well? Nothing Is Working ….

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 7:49 am.

  • I lost the phone icon to make calls from my inbox.
  • Things keep changing. I can’t keep up.
  • The ants keep biting me. Done all I can think off to get rid of them. I keep asking You for help to no avail.
  • The pain in my shoulder comes and goes.
  • My sleep is erratic.
  • Sometimes I feel pretty decent.
  • Sometimes I feel lousy.
  • I lack the help needed to fix this messed up apartment.
  • No matter how much money You supply for me it’s never enough to take care of things.
  • You keep promising me impossible things.
  • I keep waiting.
  • I refuse to doubt You, but!
  • I need YOU. How can I experience Your Presence?
  • How can You materialize or confirm Your promises?
  • You promised me I will not be put to shame, but!
  • If You do not materialize Your promises?
  • I will be the laughingstock for all.
  • Perhaps? Such fear is my trouble.
  • Help me! Help me! Help me!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 8:15 am. Turning off unplug PC. Fixed food for the day. Fixed drink. Ate it by the roof. Ahmad called. Sun very hot. I came inside. Turn on computer. No change, but!

It Came To Me What To Check To Fix The Phone Calls Problem …

Awesome! First? It came to me how to clean my bookmarks bar. In the process? I found a link with instructions to solve the phone calls problem. Next?

It Came To Me How To Deal With My Shoulder Pain …

Wow! While cleaning the bookmarks? I found the links to download three e-books on honey that I purchased but did not download when I first got the links. Next?

Retracing The Steps To Deal With Pain …

In retrospect? Back to 2007. The migraine headaches had driven me to the painkillers’ addiction, but! The more I used those? The worst my general health declined. So?

That Year 2007 Is The Year Father Yah Convicted Me—Restored My Soul …

It’s totally uncanny the way all things are and have been happening in my daily journey. My problem? Whatever happens that works to make me comfortable, I exalt the matter, and?

Automatically? Dismiss The GIVER Of The Matter …

So? All the past years I been going around preaching, “Two teaspoons of ACV-two tea spoons of honey-and one tea spoon of instant coffee to make sure it works!”

  • Well? The mixture worked to relieve the migraine headaches, but lately? Nothing works, so? I increased the amount of ACV. OOPS! Wrong move. I got to feeling worse than ever, but!

The Mercy Of My Heavenly Father! Behold The Power Of His Love And Wisdom …

Again, and again! His ways? His thoughts? The power of His love. His unfathomable wisdom? Way over my puny imagination!

Don Basilio The Adviser Is Dead …

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 10:27 am

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