Who Is Greater Than The Almighty Ever Existent One Creator Of All In Existence? No One But!

Master! How explicitly timely You speak to me in my dreams. I been posting and reading interesting articles since early this morning. Suddenly I became drowsy. I headed for bed. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I just woke up from a vivid dream.

  • I was looking down from a balcony. Suddenly! I saw one of my daughters riding on a bike. I watched as she turned to my door. She opened my door. She announced: “I came to tell you that ‘don Basilio’ his adviser is dead!” I woke up. Amazed!

What Is The Dream All About, My Master?

In the dream, my daughter was referring to her husband’s advisor. In real life my daughter has expressed her love for me as well as her concern that she might not get to see me again because of my advanced age same as her ill husband’s age.

Been Wondering About My Daughter’s Concern, But! …

You know that, my Master. The dream is not about my daughter’s concern. Instead? It’s about my response to comfort her with the power of Your love and wisdom. Quote:

Dearest xxxx, my baby,

Right on time your words touched the depth of my heart. Please read what I am including in this email. You will understand how timely your mail came.

Why do you love me? Why do I love you? Why all circumstances bringing us apart and now gathering us back again?

You and all seven of you? In my mind every single moment of my existence. You are my treasure. My gift from above.

It all has been recorded in The Family A True Story Volume 1. I am attaching the book. I sense it’s time for you all to read it.

Our story will open many eyes to see the work of transformation our Father has done in me, and? Glorify and exalt Him not me or us, but!

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