A Peaceful Not Too Hot 7th Day Of Rest …

I just got up to plug and turn the computer on. Overwhelmed about my writing task plus the lack of help, my inability to take care of myself painlessly? It came to me to rest, until? Just a few minutes ago.

Woke Up. Now What? The Question Came To Me, And?

I began to reflect in all happenings lately between Ahmad, my children, and myself. I began to deliberate in my mind how I was to put the question to them, when?

The Question, “Did You Kiss The Son?” Cut To The Clutter In My Brains …

Wow! Talking about a hit! Off track again on my own terrain I was writing it all in vain. No need for me to go on about things that cannot be explained in logical terms.

Turning From The Natural To The Supernatural? …

What is that to me? It’s all my Father’s business, but! I’m always trying to meddle in His business instead of mindfully following His instructions to me.

Phew! You See What I Mean Dear Reader? …

You see how easily one can get off track to wonder into somebody else’s track? My business is to share  what is happening in my track not to meddle in your track.

Ah! But The Wonder Of My Father’s Discipline …

One poignant question? My hands off his business. Back on track to mind my own business to share with all the intricacies of this abundant life that I now live, and?

Guess what? My apartment and dishes are clean, but!

The ants! Those varmints have no respect for anything. I called to thank Ahmad about his wonderful help. Telling him about the ants? He said, “they love you”. I said, “everything that loves me bites me!” and we had a hearty laugh!

Much love to all, thiaBasilia.

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