The Human Rubble Is Surmounting! Overwhelming To The Limit, But! …

O me! Bless my heart! My idea of renewal? Not quite in par with the fact. My view of abundance? I expressed my disappointment on waking up feeling down and heavy again! I said,

“I have no kind words for anyone. Neither did Yahushua.”

Wham! The Light Sprang. I Am Molded Into The Image Of My Master. What Else Should I Expect? …

What brought me to say such words? Thinking of the kind words already coming on this birthday of mine. How did my Master respond to kind words? Shockingly, but!

That Should Be My Response As Well …

My misconceptions? The same misconceptions programmed into the human mind without exception. Human beings are programmed to adopt certain conceptions about life and all pertaining to it.

Me? I Am Human, But! I Been Renewed. Meaning? …

Meaning a radical change in my behavior. Even so? My misconception about renewal meaning material abundance? Is now made clear for what it is—a misconception.

The Scriptures Portray All Kinds Of Examples To Enlightening Us On The Matter, But! …

We take it all for granted. Least that’s what I have done. The beauty of my day? Power to assess compliments soberly. Those are just words to reduce the pain of our human lives, but!

Such Words Have Not Eternal Value. Only Temporal Value, And?

Our temporal values? The hold of our souls to remain struggling to keep up with such values. No room for the Master’s touch to radically change our temporal values into eternal values.

Regardless! The Master Is In Control Of It All.

My thoughts, feelings, conceptions, my times, and all concerning my being? It’s all under His control and dominion. Behold the power of His love and wisdom.

On My 80th Birthday? It’s Okay To Feel The Heaviness Of Kind Words …

O for heaven’s sake! Don’t give me any slack! All we do is talk, talk, talk, and talk some more with no action to listen—to learn to apply all that talk to our own selves.

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