You Might Enjoy Learning Marketing My Way. First Thing? Build Your Tribe!

Hey! Got to change themes again. Done lost the pagination. Then? as beautiful as my graphics are? I’m gone to put them all in a especial page. Will put mostly text in the posts for faster loading. Enjoy my fun text from now on. We’ll see how long this theme thing will last. What a life! Later!

Not My Tribe, But! My HIVE! …

Me? Floundering Like A Fish Caught In This World’s Marketing Skills Powerful Hook …

Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 2:10 am.

Duh! Thank Goodness! This day You have un-hooked me! You have set me free to freely swim in the waters of Your love. What an awesome Yah You are! Here is the quote of Your doings:

In reply to sparkyjen.

Hahaha! HallwluYah! Welcome to my hive! Sometimes? I wonder, like today. And here comes my Master’s solution to my dilemma–about? “O my Master, who on this earth would want to envy this painful isolated life that I am now living? No one is that crazy, that’s for sure! Hahaha! Who can laugh at pain and misery? ME! Ah! And Betsy Mae too!”

O but my honey bee, you been gathering the nectar of the flowers of His love He has placed in my heart! What a great revelation–NOT my Tribe like in this world’s business marketing, but! My HIVE!

Fantastic! You are my first ‘honey bee’ in my HIVE! That’s the fact to be exact! The Master is leading all the way! He’s keeping me on track! Much love, thiaBasilia.:-)

So What? My Day Is Ending In Pain!

Maybe I should call this journal ‘one journal of pain’? pain. Sorrow. What lot You have dealt to man! Suits us right though, we have no business wondering away from our gardens to go to talk to snakes, out of all blessed animals!

O Well! Typing Whit One Finger Until …?

Until I finish this blessed potion to alleviate my pain. Maybe this potion heal, or it could kill me. I don’t know, but! You know. This predicament I am in? Your business for sure!

You Aim To Show The World What You Can Do With …?

This 80-years old body of mine. NO! Not with my body—duh! With the soul and mind in this body of mine! O look at that! I done wrote a rhyme.

O But What Fun It Is To Ride In The Master’s Time …

My beloved Skee Picone used to tell me, ‘You gone to be a wheel some day!’ wonder of wonders. He was prophesying on me—I am a wheel in the Master’s chariot of time!

Hey! Got To Go Back To Shinning Fonts …

Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 10:52 pm.

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