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Behold, I have acquired great [human] wisdom, yes, more than all who have been over Jerusalem before me; and my mind has had great experience of [moral] wisdom and [scientific] knowledge.

And I gave my mind to know [practical] wisdom and to discern [the character of] madness and folly [in which men seem to find satisfaction]; I perceived that this also is a searching after wind and a feeding on it. [1Th 5:21]

For in much [human] wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. Ecclesiastes 1:12-18.

The Whole Spectrum Is Heart-Breaking …

If the written words were just words without any weight? Then all men should be absolved of guilt, but! The weight of those words is not a thing to ignore. Even so? Ignore those words we do!

Notwithstanding? Behold! The Mighty Creator’s Mercy …

July 21, 2019 at 5:45 am.

He created us in His image to be loved by Him. For us to love Him back. For Him to be our Father. For us to be His children.

  • Ha! And here comes the catch—the slew-foot! Now-now brown cow, you want to know the how?

O Mercy! Mercy! That’s A Long Somehow …

Let it be. Be still. Quit your moo-moo-mow-mow!

  • Be fruitful.
  • Multiply.
  • Replenish the earth.
  • Don’t eat from that tree.
  • If you eat from it? You gone die!

And The Dreadful Saga Begins! …

Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 5:11 pm.

And I’m counting on You my Master for ending it soon enough! Ha! It came to me today how You?

  • Are not talking to the multitude but 1 person and 2 persons at a time.
  • No wonder why is taking You so long!

And Me? Just A Couple Of Hours Waiting Drives Me To Despair! …

Let alone thousands upon thousands of years narrowing down to my eighty years? It boggles my mind, my Master, but You know it! Seriously? No need for all my dramatics.

People don’t think about these things. That’s good. Otherwise?

We’ll all be confined in the Nut’s House—like it happened to me! The truth? All humans are confined in the greatest Nut’s House there is for sure!

Our Asylum? The So Loved World Of Our Habitat—Pause To Think Of That …

Hahaha! Who cares if you or I don’t see it like that? All one has to do?

  • Go to the mall, the airport, the market, the parks—Disney World, and etc.—
  • Just a little pausing to observe?
  • Enough to convince anyone one of the sordid facts.

How Blessed I Am In My Seclusion …

No kidding! Just to look down four floors beneath me? Big incentive to be content in my torment.

  • No more illusions or delusions of joining what seems to be a ‘happy’ crowd. But then?

Humor Instead Of Anger Is My Motto Nowadays …

WHAT? WHAT U SAID? Mercy me! I am talking about apples and you are talking about oranges. Don’t know who is the craziest!

And The Language And Culture Barriers? …

O what a trip! Hahaha! I just realized that I put on my trousers inside out! But I ain’t gone anywhere nor anyone coming to relish in my looks! My looks? Forget it!

Welcome To My Healthy Nut’s Asylum.

Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 11:11 pm.

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