You Might Enjoy Learning The Same One Who Sustains Me Sustains You …

My experience? I done lost count, but! O my Master? You have not lost count even of one second of my journey of life. Why the question? Observation.

Observing People Under Your Watchful Eyes …?

It seems to me that people face a certain crucial road in their lives with either certainty to go on and on or with despair and uncertainty.

What Makes People Behave The Way They Do …?

What a question! For an answer the humankind have come up with a staggering number of organizations all geared to lead people in the pursuit of happiness.

Master! Help! What’s Triggering This Line Of Questions …?

Early this morning I stepped out in the roof. I looked down. Not a soul around except for a fat man dressed with a brown gown sitting on the side-walk his legs stretched, his head down, and?

My Mind Spun With The Question, ‘Why Was This Man Born?’ …

O my Master? You have a purpose for letting me see and question the situation. The thing is that, at that moment?  I lost my good intentions to obey Your instructions to send that email, but! .

I Have No Desire Whatsoever To Ask Questions Or Answer them Or To Debate Anything …

I’m stuck now. You know it. How on earth can I avoid looking at the evil surrounding me in this forsaken spot You have planted me in? Even so? It’s coming to me.

The Civilized World …

In the civilized areas of this world? The civilized human beings are not exposed to the ugliness of evil. They live in the beautiful side of evil. Ha! That’s the key to answer my questions.

What Makes The Civilized World Go-Round …?

No question. The beautiful side of evil—Self-righteousness. Self-sufficiency. Self-worth—SELF! The carnal mind. The carnal heart? The treason that makes the world go around on these earthly grounds. Even so?

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