You Might Enjoy Learning The Same One Who Sustains Me Sustains You …

Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 1:17 pm.

Again And Again! You Are In Control Of It All! …

No worries. I quit my thinking. Back to my graphics. In due time? I will email that letter; I will post whatever I am to post. I’ll do whatever is Your will for me to do.

In Suspense. Not Knowing What’s What Again! …?

Monday, August 19, 2019 at 1:22 am.

Been up since 12:00 am. Been optimizing the logo. I’m extremely uncomfortable, but! Not in despair. Not knowing what’s what? I headed for bed. Slept until 3:40 am. Nothing concretes in mind, but!

A Fuzzy Idea Of My Falling Down From The Mountain Of Self-Righteousness …

Monday, August 19, 2019 at 4:14 am.

It also came to me to add the response from my friend to the latest post instead of emailing to her. The Internet is up. O my Master? I must learn to be flexible with my thinking instead of getting stuck in the mud of my set ways.

How Easily We Can Set Up Our Own Way Of Doing Things …?

Things and circumstances in this world change on the daily even moment to moment basis, but? We humans are reluctant to change. Why?

Change Goes Against Our Logic –That’s Why …?

Phew! That just came to me! What a revelation and solution to my trouble of yesterday! Hahaha! Actually? When our logic is disturbed, we get ill—miserable uncomfortable—incapacitated to move on. WHAT?

Hold On! I’m Coming To A Logical Conclusion …?

My day was ruined yesterday with one look at a poor man. Silly? Perhaps. The thing is that all my intentions to obey You, my Master? My plan to obey You? It came to a halt!

How Did You Get Me Back On Track To Be Exact …?

O my Master? You are awesome. You have setup the ones that You are to use to bring about Your plan of restoration. Of course, they are in the 7000 number, but! My individual lot?

You Have Setup Three Of Them To Trouble Me With Their Love …

Or, should I say, Your love? For You are the One guilty of gifting me with those three that drive me up the wall on the daily basis.

That Could Be A Subject For The Next Post.

I leave the matter at that. Meantime? Power to endure graciously. Joy inexplicable. Double dose of Your love and wisdom not only for those three but for all in my toll has increased to not cease.

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