What Troubles Me? What Troubles You? Have You Been Face To Face With The Cause Not The Matter? …

O my Master! Your faithfulness! Just when I go so down thinking that no one cares? Up You quicken someone to show me they do care. What a blessing.

Pain And Sorrow Are Inevitable In This World …

But You overcome the world for me. Right now? Trouble. Ahmad’s phone is broke. No way to communicate. Have not heard from the family either, and? My body! From my head to my toes is wailing! I wait.

Time To Exercise The Power Of Endurance While I Wait On You …?

Where am I with the posting, my Master? Let  me see. Maybe the Net will cooperate. Nay! No Net. I’ll step out in the roof let the wind blow away even my troubled mind.

My Troubles Are Blown Away …?

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 11:41 pm.

By the Wind of Your Loving Spirit my troubles are blown away! Ahmad showed up at last bearing my containers and dirt and hot food as well as a troubled mind showing in his face.

He gathered the extra chair. He sat. I ate. We talked back and forth …

Whatever for we talked back and forth? The horror in his mind. His young neighbor’s tragic death last night. My troubles, but mainly? Our loving Father at work for our good regardless our own thinking.

Indeed! Despite All The Evil Coming Our Way? Your Mightiness Is At Work …?

At work without ceasing to restore Your creation, including us—Your so loved children. Ahmad left. His countenance? Relaxed. Smiling. Myself? No words to describe my awe of Your doings, my Master.

A New Promising Day Ahead …?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 12:03 am.

Looking forward to a planting day. For now? I am not sleepy for a change. I’ll see about working on a slider for all the logos created.

  • Worked of the slides until around 2:00 am. Slept until around 4:30 am and? Began my planting spree! Forgot to drink or eat until around 9 am. Then? Got sidetracked with an offer to get the needed computer on time.

Are You Setting The Stage For A New Way For Me Here In Jordan?

August 21, 2019 at 10:47 am.

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