What Troubles Me? What Troubles You? Have You Been Face To Face With The Cause Not The Matter? …

Master?  You know I need a computer, but! You also know that I will not take things into my own hands to get one. I also need a printer, a monitor, an extra tetra external drive.

Monthly Basis Seems Good To Me If …

I could get it here in Jordan. Only You can fix it so. I would be a miracle to solve all my computer problems if there would be a supplier here to provide that service for me. Even so?

O My Master? Deliver Me From Setting Myself In Futility …

It is really exciting to think of a possibility of getting new things that could resolve many problems, but!

We Can Easily Become Attached Bound By Pleasure And Comfort …

Speaking from the horse’s mouth again. Not only attached bound by such pleasure but also resentful when such things were not at my disposal. But that’s the past.

It’s A New Day For Me. Time To Sing With A Fling Even If Nothing Is My Thing …

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 5:28 pm.

O yeah! I will sing of Your mercies O my Yah! Forever I will sing. O my Yah reigns and blessed be His name, let the Yah of my deliverance be exalted!

  • Back to the graphics then to sleep when the weather cools off. Much reflection on the situation between Ahmad and myself. Conclusion. Slept for a while. My lil friend brought me some food. I cooked. I ate. Next?

Ray Edward’s Email Much Disturbed Me This Time. Why …?

I feel like crying but my eyes are dry. My heart is constricted. My mind is spinning. The question is again, ‘What about me, my Master?’

Yes! I Am Impressed, But! …?

Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 12:08 am.

I can’t shake off the horrible feeling of being left out. Ray Edwards is a big man in the eyes of the multitude that follows him. And now that You are dealing with him? He is becoming bigger yet.

Ha! That’s The Reason For My Heart Constriction …?

You have blessed Ray with millions. Me? Nothing. Zilch! Zero. Pain and lack it’s all I got to show for physically. That’s not a brainer. Ray is great among a multitude. Me?

What About Me, My Master? …

I was ready to sing Your praises with a fling. Suddenly? My song went ding o long. No longer in my heart a song. My heart is constricted. No room for a song.

I Want To Cry, But My Eyes Are Dry …

Sleep and wait. The only thing to do. It’s 4:11 am. Four hrs. of sleep did not do too good this time, my Master. I am hurting big time! But it is not about hurt pain or lack of it.

What Is It All About Then? It Came To Me Big Time On Waking Up …?

Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 4:18 am.

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