What Troubles Me? What Troubles You? Have You Been Face To Face With The Cause Not The Matter? …

It’s about the power of Your love and wisdom or? Us human beings doing our own thing and following each other with a fling!

Been Following Ray Edwards Unaware. WHAT?

O set me free from my shock! Up to yesterday? Been hoping to get Ray Edwards attention to no avail. Been thinking You have raised Ray Edwards to materialize the preparation for the great tribulation, but!

Not Independent Of What You Have Been Doing With Me …?

That’s the clue for my distress at best! It does not make sense. You have done all this work in my life for people to see my good work of obedience and exalt Your name not mine, but!

In My Estimation? The Big Wheels Are Bypassing …?

O O O! Me or my good works of obedience? Distasteful hypocrisy’s visit in my quarters. How easy can I cater to hypocrisy. Yes! Indeed! What am I talking about?

Ray Edwards Emails Giving Me The Wrong Impression To Be Personal, And? …

My devastating shock to find out those emails are nothing else than the marketing technique that Ray Edwards teaches, but!

My Shock Is Passing. Your Wisdom Is Setting In Amidst My Painful Thing …?

O what a trip! I have no choice but to quit catering to my hypocritical desires for fame and fortune. Duh! O well! Humor instead of anger must come into place now. Here I am:

You got me set on testing grounds as I’m finding out just now.

What are You testing? I thought I had done passed the finals.

Passed the finals?

Long stretch yet before the final mark to get.

Many more tests yet.

Don’t fret.

Don’t fret?

When I don’t get?

Yes, I do get pain instead of gain, but!

Endure for sure.

Ah! Duh! Forgot all about that power!

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