Truth Can Be Offensive/Insulting …

My beloved Thia, I am well aware of your physical condition. Your body is continuously decaying on account of the environmental conditions caused by the sin of mankind under the evil influence of our enemy.

Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about because My grace is sufficient unto you; that means that you are able to withstand all and any discomfort in your body and rejoice rather than complain about it.

You are in excellent health and I will keep your body in healthy conditions until the time comes to invest you with a new body immune to decay.

My beloved Thia, from now on you will be sitting still and yet your activity in the realm of My invisible Kingdom shall intensify ten fold.

As of this instant I am taking control of your imaginations. Your steps shall be steady as you move in any direction.

And the song of praise and adoration to Me shall intensify to the point of the highest heaven.

Truly, My beloved, I AM in your deepest chambers! Nothing and no one can disturb you now!

Today is a very especial Sabbath and I shall teach you the way to come into My rest.

Your actions from here on shall be beyond your plans and ideas of what it should be done.

You will do the right and proper things without even thinking or premeditating ahead of time.

There will not any longer be any anxiety in your life even in the most arid places in the absence of human touch and care.

My Thia, My beloved, rejoice! Rejoice and be glad for your time has come to inhabit My Mountain top now and forever!”

Wow! I guess I won’t post this amazing word fulfilled today because I am sleepy. By the time I wake up the Net won’t work. It’s now Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 10:23 am.

Absolutely Awesome! Those Words?  …

Sailing the turbulent waves of these lower seas? I had even forgotten those words until this moment. Ten years beaten by the treacherous waves this world could to me thrust me under.

Even So? My Master Lives In My Deepest Chamber! …

Nothing and no one have been able to really disturb me despite all my lapses and preoccupations. Brutal pain and lack of gain? Almost to the exact day I am typing these lines without pain—no worries about my lack of gain.

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