Truth Can Be Offensive/Insulting …

The Almighty Creator is in control of His creation. I am committed and submitted to Him as my supreme Authority. He has declared me to be His messenger. So? End of quote.

Reading And Commenting On That Post? It Brought Me To My Senses …

Reflecting on what I read? That’s what stopped the flow of negative thoughts. Then? I was able to hear my Master’s instructions to call Ahmad.

It Does Not Matter How It Looks To Us All …

Me? I’m, I have been going through another rough period of my journey. Don’t know what is to be even in the next moment. I go up and down, but!

O My Master! You Are Faithful To Your Word To Sustain Me …

Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 12:04 am.

One more 7th Day of Rest. Things don’t look too good between Ahmad and me. I am somewhat dejected, but! I am resting on You. I keep remembering Your recent words to comfort me. Quote:

“Let go. I am in control. You shall not be put shame. My power of love and wisdom? No foe can withstand. You live in My Presence under such power. Relax. Enjoy the moments of relief I gift to you.”

The Sting Of Ahmad’s Words To Release His Anger? …

Enough fuel for my dejection, but! I’m taking what I give. I spit out similar words to him to release my own anger, and?

That’s A Good Thing! Be Ye Angry And Sin Not …?

Wow! Thanks, my Master! How amazing are Your words when You apply them to my inner being. To release one’s anger keeps one from the festering resentment that causes all our physical pain and misery.

Now I Am Beginning To Understand The Power Of Your Love And Wisdom …?

Perhaps this introduction will help my readers to understand such power as well. On to the details of what is going on in my journey.

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