Tried At High Seas …

For it will come upon all who live upon the face of the entire earth.

Keep awake then and watch at all times [be discreet, attentive, and ready], praying that you may have the full strength and ability and be accounted worthy to escape all these things [taken together] that will take place, and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man. End of quote.

A Personal Warning For Me, For Anyone Who Wishes To Mind It …

The concern of the humble is found in the verse: O blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in Him! In Yahushua the Messiah.

The Time Has Come For Me To Settle Down As Per The Master’s Decree For Me …?

The Master means business! Reality! No need for me to indulge in vain speculations and preoccupations about the reality of my existence. This Turquoise Rose Ship’s Allegory is now my reality, period.

O My Master! You Really Are At The Helm Of My Earthly Existence …?

Should I humor myself on this miraculous realization? Indeed! Humor instead of anger is to be my motto from now on as You instituted way back when this stage of my journey began.

Humorous Memories Of Motherhood …

A sizable repertoire of my mothering seven precious little humans. Each one of them with their unique personalities. It would take a book to describe each one of them, but!

The Mention Of These Memories? The Basis For My Humor Instead Of Anger Motto …

Our parenthood is a replica of our Creator’s parenthood. Even so? Such fact never dawned on me. I was too busy playing my life’s role that it never occurred to me to investigate where such role came from.

Well? Perhaps I Am Not Alone. Not Many Humans Bother With Such Matters …?

But the truth of the matter is that the Scriptures, misnomer the Bible are not a myth or a book only for religious matters. Despite all scholars present and past?

The Scriptures Are Our History …

Monday, September 16, 2019 at 12:41 pm.

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