I Done Lost My Mind, But! …

Now My child, I’m going to level up with you. I am the One Who, actually, have caused you all the ills you have suffered not only here but through your whole existence.

I am the One Who have fed you with the bread of affliction because of your sins.

And I am the One Who is now fully exonerating you.

This is your Jubilee year. All your debts are cancelled.

How are you feeling right now? Is your pain fading away? Are you wondering if this is all for real? Go to fix your breakfast. Relax. Keep waiting on Me.”

Well? I’m Still Feeling Pretty Decent Despite? …

Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 3:20 pm.

Despite the hour. Despite the fact there is no change in my situation with Ahmad. Since breakfast time I have accomplish much—the apartment is clean. All things are in order, and?

I Am Beginning To Really Grasp Your Meaning …

Even in my dreams. While I slept earlier today I had a very strange dream. I cannot quite get the interpretation because it is so strange, but in one possibility I remember that it could mean someone is trying to trick me.

Master? This Whole World Is Set On Tricks …

They call it A special skill; a knack among other labels but! The whole idea is to persuade people to buy or do something that ultimately is for the benefit of the trickster. So? in my dream:

  • I found myself walking to get something someone had sent to me. Suddenly! A trash can. In it? An envelope sealed and address to me. Talking to whoever I said, Look at this. Why is in the trash? What is it? I pick it up. Open it. Up comes some greenish new trousers. It seems that what I was waiting for could have been wrapped in the trouser, so, I began to shake it up, nothing came out. I woke up.

None Of The Interpretation Rang A Bell Except For The Trick Suggestion …

Eventually? I caught on Your meaning. It’s all about the situation with Ray Edwards. They never answer my email with my miracles’ testimony, but! I did register for the free webinar coming up today.

Ha! It Just Dawn On Me! O My Master You Are So Real! …

I have really, really quit chasing millions, but! Because Ray is talking about Your miracle in his life and he mentions Yahushua (Jesus) I thought that perhaps that was from You. And?

It Could Be. But That Is For Ray And All Interested In The Betterment Of Their Business …

I do not have a business. I am the product of Your business. It’s not up to me to promote Your business. My task is to write, publish, and optimize in that order. You are doing the rest with all that I write and publish.

So? In Short? I Will Not Attend The Webinar …?

In the dream You are warning me of the trick to persuade me to come up with big money to get big money. What a trick! But!

You Are In Control Of It All …

Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 4:15 pm.

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