Effective Ways To Produce The Integrity Of One’s Character …

“Remain in this room in silent until I open your mouth to speak the words of My wisdom that I will put in your mouth when the time comes for Ahmad to approach you.

“From now on fear no longer shall assail you. For I’m injecting within your being more courage than the most courageous man in this world and cringing fear will be a thing of the past in your daily existence.

“On the contrary, from now on your enemies shall fear you and all the rats in this world will not dare to attack or frighten you with their unwanted presence.

“And because of the work that I am now consummating between you and Ahmad many people shall learn the meaning of fearing Me!

“For I am Almighty Yahuwah and this time all nations shall know and fear My name. And My people shall learn what it is to offer Me a pleasing service and acceptable worship, with modesty and pious care and righteous fear and awe!

“Again, remain in this room in silent & composure for I am with you to strengthen & sustain you under any and all circumstances that I allow to develop in your midst.”

Who Am I? What Do I Do?

Friday, September 27, 2019 at 1:20 am

  • I am thiaBasilia. Was called to journal my life since 1985. Have not missed a day since March 1987. My life’s Journal? To tell my story. The purpose? To proclaim the Master Creator of our being’s Name for the work of transformation from a cringing fearful creature I once was to a new fearless one that I am now.
  • Started blogging since 2006. I have created several sites, but the main one is https://www.thia-basilia.com/. Have posted all my writings. The following post is one of my latest. Much is written, but! Don’t be surprised if you bump into one of the other sites to a post that speaks directly to you.

Why Am I Telling You About Me? …

Simple. I know the answer about our history by my own personal experience of it. But? Regardless! It’s not about my knowledge at all!

May Your  Spirit O Mighty One, Enlighten Each One Of Your Children …

What is all about? This time? Your children will respond. So You have decreed it to be. Me? Waiting, waiting, waiting on You with patience and composure now more than ever before.

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